Terms and Conditions


The terms "you" and "your" refer to the Customer for our Services.

The terms "we" and "our" and "us" refer to Landlines2u Limited

Equipment: refers to any items of hardware or software that we supply to you.

Services: refers to the services ordered by you to which these Terms and Conditions are attached.

Contract period

The service above is subject to a minimum period of 3 months.

he contract period takes effect from the date when you first make a payment for the service.

Consequences of early termination of Services

If you terminate any of the Services which you have agreed to pay for before the minimum contract period ends for that service then we will charge you a Cancellation Fee. The Cancellation Fee will be calculated as the total remaining fixed monthly charges which would otherwise have been payable up to the end of the end of the minimum contact period for the Service which is cancelled.

Important limitations of VoIP services

The VoIP telephone service relies on the reliable operation of your internet connection to make and receive good quality telephone calls and it relies on mains electrical power to operate the telephone equipment. The quality of telephone conversations is dependent on the performance and capacity utilization of your internet connection. These are factors that are beyond our control. We do not guarantee quality of service.

You will not be able to make or receive telephone calls through our equipment in the event of a power failure or in the event of an internet failure. We advise you to make provision for alternative ways of making telephone calls particularly to the emergency services in the event of power failure or internet failure.

Payment terms

We invoice you for your routine monthly usage service charges in advance on the first working day of each month. We will invoice you for your advance usage charges in your first part month of service, on a pro-rata basis, upon completion of your system installation.

Call charging policies

All call costs outside a fixed-price call package are rounded up to the nearest 1p per call.

Price changes

We will not increase our monthly prices for any Services, other than for international call charges, for at least 12 months after we start supplying the services.

We may increase or decrease our charges for international telephone calls at any time, as wholesale market prices change.

After the first 12 months of providing services for you, we have the right to increase our prices, no more than once per year, by the prevailing rate of retail price inflation or by 5% (whichever is greater).

We will notify you of any increase in our prices in writing at least two calendar months in advance of the new charges being applied.

Invoicing & payment arrangements

We will normally charge you for routine monthly usage on the first working day of each calendar month. For all fixed-price services, we charge for your planned usage in the current month. We charge for your additional calls in arrears.

We will send receipts via email to your registered email address.

It is a condition of service that you authorise a Direct Debit mandate so that we can collect payments from your bank account directly unless we have agreed to charge your card monthly.

We have the right as permitted by UK contract law to apply a late payment penalty for all services which are not paid in full by their due date. The late payment penalty is a statutory charge which is currently fixed at £40.

We have the right to suspend or terminate your telephone service if you fail to pay for the service. We will send a reminder by email if we fail to take payment. We have the right to suspend your telephone service and prevent you from making or receiving calls through our network without further notice unless we reach agreement with you on a satisfactory payment arrangement.

If you wish us to reinstate your telephone service after a period of suspension, we will charge you a reconnection fee of £10 which you must pay in advance.

Provision of after-sales support

We provide after-sales support for all the services which we supply to you.

During our normal office hours (08:30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday), we provide a full support and maintenance service which includes:

  • Responding to requests for help and advice.
  • Making changes to your system configuration.
  • Provisioning any new equipment which we have supplied to you.
  • Fixing faults in our network or in your equipment which prevent you from making or receiving telephone calls or from accessing the internet.

Outside our normal office hours, and on public holidays, we provide a restricted support service to respond to emergencies only. We define an “emergency” as a situation which prevents you from making or receiving any telephone calls.

Ownership of the Equipment

If we have supplied telecommunications Equipment to on a rental agreement, this Equipment remains the property of Landlines2u Limited until the end of the rental term.

Cancellation of your order prior to the delivery of Services

Your monthly service fee is paid for in advance. After the initial 3 month term, you have the right to cancel at any time with no further monthly fees due. We will take payment for any additional call charges as the end of the month.

If you cancel your direct debit, or cancel the card that has been used as the agreed payment method, prior to advising us of cancellation, your services will terminate immediately and you will be liable for any outstanding fees.

Ownership and rights of use of your telephone number

The telephone number that we allocate to you, or which we import from another telephone services provider on your behalf, are owned ultimately by Ofcom. You have the unconditional right to use your telephone number for as long as you continue to keep your account in good order.

We have the right to take your number out of service and to return your number if, as a private citizen, you are declared bankrupt.

You have the right to transfer your telephone number to another service provider or to another person or business entity if this number is in service and if you do not owe us money for the provision of telephone services. If you wish to transfer your number to another party, you will need to sign a Letter of Authority which we will provide you with.

We have the right to refuse your request to transfer your telephone number to another service provider if you owe us money for overdue invoices which we have sent you the provision of telephone services.

Data protection

We comply with all national Data Protection laws. We will never pass any information about you or your business to any other organizations without your permission.

Limitation of Liability

We are not liable under any circumstances for any consequential financial loss which you might incur as a result of any failure of our telephone services or a as a result of failure of any of our telephone equipment.


By making an initial payment, you are agreeing to the prices, and our terms and conditions as indicated above. Nothing is binding until you authorise us to proceed with the porting of your number or take on a number provided by us.