Essential Digital Landline

The essential package is exactly as you'd expect - the essentials to get your Landline converted to digital, put simply...

  • A Landline with your number
  • All outgoing calls charged at 2p per min
  • Must-have features provided as standard
  • Free mobile App to make & receive calls

What you pay

Monthly Fee
A static fee with no hidden extras
Outgoing calls
All outgoing UK calls to:-
UK geographic landlines (01, 02 prefix)
UK mobiles
UK non-geographic landlines
£0.02 per minute
Line transfer fee
A one-off fee to port your existing telephone number (if required)
Analogue adaptor
If you'd like to use your existing telephone equipment, you can purchase an adaptor from us that your phone can plug into.


  • Free phone app to receive your Landline calls
  • Call recording, with one month of storage.
  • Whitelists and Blacklists of numbers, to avoid nuisance calls.
  • Voicemail, with email notification
  • Call redirection to mobile phone numbers.*
  • Night mode management
  • Optional analogue adaptor (if keeping your existing telephone equipment)

Good things to know

Monthly Contract

  • After an initial 3 month term, you are free to cancel / switch package with just 1 month's notice
  • All calls charged on a pay-as-you-go basis

Bring your number with you!

  • You can transfer your existing number for uninterrupted service
  • You can change your broadband package without affecting your Landline service

Call ID & barring services

  • See what number is calling you
  • Manage your blacklist to avoid nuisance calls

Flat rate for calls

  • UK Landlines - 2p/min
  • UK mobiles - 2p/min